Dr. Abu Bakkar Siddique

Ph.D. :Gauhati University

Research Interests:

Arabic Literature

Email: bakkar.abudr[AT]gmail.com
Joined the University in 30-August-2003.

Administrative assignmentswithin and outside the institution:    

1. President, Sundarban Nagar Jatiya Biddalay, Sundarban Nagar,Guwahati    (2015-16)
2. President, Sundarban Nagar Unnayn Committee,Sundarban Nagar, Guwahati. (2014-15)
3. Vice-President, Brihattar Notbama Nagararik Mancha, Notbama, Guwahati. (2012)

Activities/assignments in the University:    

1. Asst.Officer in charge, UG 5th Sem.Exam./2015    
2. Asst. Zonal Officer, UG 5th Sem.Exam /2015    
3. Evaluation of Answer Scripts from H S to P G Level    
4. Question Paper Setting from H S to P G level    
5. Member for H S Admission Committee /2015-16    
6. Asst. Officer in charge, UG 1st Sem. Exam /2016, CCSU    
7. Executive Member, CCTCS /2018    
8. Member, CUTA    
9. Member, 2nd Sem. Exam/2013    
10. Member, AALAP/2012