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About the Department

The Department of Arabic, Persian & Urdu was started at Cotton College from its establishment in 1901 along with the subjects- English, Physics, Chemistry, etc., which has been playing a vital role in the expansion of qualitative education from its inception. Initially, Calcutta University accorded affiliation to Intermediate Course both in Arabic and Persian in 1907, and in 1909 the University extended affiliation to B.A. Course in both the subjects. Urdu was also taught as a vernacular language in this department. The Post Graduate Course was introduced in both Arabic and Persian subjects in 1992. In addition, the department is offering Ph.D. Course after the up-gradation of Cotton College to University.

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Head of the Department

Recent Publications

  • Dr. Farid Uddin Ahmed, Humaneness and Sufi Thoughts in the Poetry of Maulavi Mofizuddin Ahmad Hazarika, Pratidhwani (The Echo) Vol. VII, Issue – III, January 2019 , [2019]

  • Dr. Tafiquar Rahman, Rumi: Pioneer of Peace and Harmony, North Asian International Research Journal of Social Science and Humanities , [2018]

  • Dr. Noor Uddin Ahmed, PROPHETIC TRADITIONS OF MUHAMMAD (PBUH): THEIR INFLUENCES ON ARABIC LANGUAGE AND LITERATURE, International Journal of Research and Analytical Reviews (IJRAR), Volume 5 Issue 3 July 2018, pp. 736 – 744 , [2018]

  • Dr. Noor Uddin Ahmed, HUJJAT ALLÂH AL-BÂLIGHA: A MASTERPIECE WORK OF SHAH WALI ALLAH DIHLAWÎ, International Journal of Creative Research Thought(IJCRT), April 2018, pp. 1408 -1412 , [2018]

  • Dr. Noor Uddin Ahmed, MORAL VALUES IN THE POETRY OF BABUL ADAB OF KITABUL HAMASAH, International Journal of Current Research (IJCR),Volume 09, Issue 09, September, 2017 , [2017]

  • Dr. Abu Bakkar Siddique, Omar Khayyam: His scientific and Literary philosophy with Special Reference to Rubaiyat, Journal Manavayatan, ISSN 2249-0612, Vol. VI, 2017 (Yearly) , [2017]

  • Dr. Abu Bakkar Siddique, Pre-Islamic Arabic poetry and its growth, research paper: E-ISSN 2454-9916,vol.2 , April/2016 , [2016]

  • Dr. Noor Uddin Ahmed, Existence of Arabic Adab (Belles-Lettress): A Linguistic Study, International Journal of Linguistics and Literature (IJLL), ( V, Issue 5, August – September, 2016 , [2016]

  • Dr. Forman Ali, A Brief Historical Survey of Persian Language in Assam, Research Vistas, ISSN -2277-310X, VOL-IV,ISSUE-II, March-2015 , [2016]

  • Dr. Noor Uddin Ahmed, Kalila wa Dimna as A Genre of Arabic Literature: A Brief Study, International Journal of Linguistics and Literature (IJLL), ( 4, Issue 2, February – March, 2015 , [2015]

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